Released in 2012, this album contains thirteen brand new tracks. Available on 12" vinyl and CD with A5 booklet.  

Tracks are:

  • Sleeping Dogs
  • Monochrome Dream
  • One Last Drop
  • Happy
  • Grin
  • What Does It Matter
  • Running On Empty
  • Abracadabra
  • Welcome
  • Another
  • We Don't Sing
  • We Stood Alone Together
  • Hunger Pains


This has been an album that many of us have been longing for. Being stuck in a shitty redneck town from the late 80’s to the early 90’s really limited my means of finding good music (mostly 3rd generation recordings from vinyl, etc). I had the opportunity to get my hands on the CRASS @ sides cassette and I played that damn thing till the ribbon stretched. The ANTHRAX track on that comp completely floored me (along with all the other bands), but needless to say, once I heard them, I was sold immediately.

These guys had a true spirit and dedication for @narcho-punk and it was felt in the music and lyrics which left a lasting impression that made me jump when I heard they were reforming. I can openly say that due to their influence, they carved a bit of my character today.

All for the Cause is ANTHRAX as pure and wholesome as they were back in the day and is even released on their own DIY label GROW YOUR OWN. They’ve never lost their edge to play what’s in their hearts and tell a story in their music that makes you so damn proud to be a part of the DIY punk community. It was them (and their comrades) that brought us together back then and it’s them now to continue that communal glue that binds us like minded folk.

This album has a gamut of music that is catchy, thoughtful and full of angst, and questions the very heart of our dark world. “Happy” is a great track that makes you want to sing along with a raised fist “Rise above the bedlam, take control…don’t let the powers that be, dilute your soul”. This album is great all around. The production is clean, thought out and meaningful. Given, this is about 30 years later from their younger days, so it’s not that quintessential “CRASS” style fuzz recordings (BTW, did everyone share the same guitar pedals back then for recording?), it’s the modern day and with modern production, but needless to say, their hearts have never left the punk playing field. An essential record to have. (Leffer) GROW YOUR OWN records/