Grow Your Own Records was set up by Anthrax UK, originally to release our own recordings. Then in 2015 we decided that because of the increasing lack of avenues for bands to get heard, due to both independent labels and music venues dwindling, we wanted to start releasing music by other bands that we liked and who had shared values born from our anarcho-punk roots. We have always been excited by the diversity of punk, from the more poppy and commercial end of the spectrum through to hardcore and anything in between, but ultimately just want to promote good new music, whatever the genre.Since starting the label we have released new material from established bands and new young bands in a variety of formats, including our sampler CD compilation Birds Of A Feather Flock Together. Run on a shoestring in true DIY fashion and often building the covers by hand on our kitchen table, we nevertheless focus on quality packaging and artwork as well as the music. Grow Your Own is a real labour of love - we love it and we hope you will too.