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A brand new release from Virus. Two great tracks, Infidel and One Minute Silence, in transparent blue vinyl with gatefold cover, limited to 350 copies.  Comes with download code.

"Virus delivering what I consider to be their best release yet. Two dynamic, melodic songs that remind me of the late ‘70s bands (The Wall, comes to my mind) and the early ‘80s anarcho of bands like Zounds. Having said that, this in no way sounds dated and the good, clear recording loses none of the vibrancy of the songs."  SUSPECT DEVICE FANZINE




Anthrax's retrospective One Last Drop LP comes in red and clear mixed vinyl with a Crass style poster cover. It contains 18 tracks including both the  Crass and Small Wonder singles, both demos and additional live tracks. Also comes with download code.

"Finally - a collection of the finest of the early 80's anarcho bands. All the (rather incredible) artwork is reproduced, along with some lyrics. But, tragically, there's no liner notes. Regardless, it's great to have this material out again and available. Hailing from London, ANTHRAX along with Conflict (and Crass, of course), pioneered that angry, tuneful, semi-shouty, London-accented vocal style, coupled with a fast, melodic punk attack. Musically this is very similar to early (pre-thrash/feedback Conflict). Really quite wonderful they were. And definitely the Anthrax of choice. 18 tracks of pure genius." MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL




Bomb In A Luggage Rack

"as if the (hyped) 1977 music industry event known as 'punk' hadn't taken place", imagining instead an "alternative history where the anarchic proto punk from Cleveland and Detroit seamlessly led into No Wave, Post Punk and Industrial and is still happily evolving" (Maciej Zurowski, Melodie&Rhythmus, Jan 2015)

Anarchistwood bring their own brand of throbbing performance punk to Grow Your Own.  

A Clown Too Many

The second Flowers in the Dustbin offering on Grow Your Own, 

In a world still top-heavy with gangsters and ever-increasing alienation, we hope our music can be something of a counter-weight and a source of strength and inspiration to those who can’t or won’t accept the overbearing nature of majority-reality. Equally, if you want to just have a good time jiving about down the front, or up the back, that’s surely justification enough too.  

Cover painting by Louise Challice.




Debut recording from Sanction This

Three track 7 inch single contains the tracks Erase Us, Media Trap and 

Sanctify Genocide. Comes in hand built triple gatefold cover.

"I first came across Sanction This on the Birds of a Feather compilation (also on Grow Your Own Records), and although I was initially put off by the name (redolent as it is of jobseeker interviews and general dole-scum wallowing) and the thrash-o-rama intro, it turned out that Sanctify Genocide was one of the stand-out tracks on the CD. 

Presented here on 7” vinyl (with free badge for early orders) with two other songs, the aforementioned intro improves with repeated listenings. A detour into a drop-out featuring the rhythm section pounding along on their own pushes it into something that wouldn’t sound out of place on the first Sex Gang Children LP, until power-chords similar to the Dead Kennedys’ California Uber Alles herald the guitar crashing back in. You can even hear the words - which I am happy to say are a vicious old-school attack on religion (“No, I won’t be lost/ Not me/ Not me/ I won’t declare loyalty/ And perish in the crypt”), which is always welcome at the House of Hydra. 

The best track on the EP is easily Erase Us which like Sanctify Genocide is a re-recorded version of a track from the And Still They Fucking Continue long player. Stretched to nearly twice its previous length, this has inventive, chiming guitar work and despite having less lines than a Ramones B-side (“Erase us/ Wipe us out” is all you get) and with a good portion of the playing time consisting of just bass and drums swathed with feedback, this builds into something reminiscent of Neurosis circa Souls at Zero, but with a bit more space in the mix, although I’m also reminded of Lard/Pailhead (it certainly has that Wax Trax atmosphere to it). The bassist is definitely touched by the Hand of Goth (this is a good thing), and I’m pleased to report that the drummer clearly knows what hi-hats are for, and goes to work on them with gusto. Moody, menacing and atmospheric, I really can’t think of a single bad thing to say about this track. 

And then we come to the slightly disappointing Media Trap, which starts well but slips into generic hardcore thrash. It almost redeems itself at the end with a slower end section featuring cries of “Media/ State / Media/ Hate”, but it’s really not up to the standard of the other two tracks. Having said this, the choice to re-record those two particular songs shows that Sanction This clearly understand what it is that makes them special; which bodes well for future releases (hopefully a full length CD in 2017). 

Another great record from Grow Your Own records, and definitely a band to watch. 7.5/10."

Nick Hydra (December 2016)



Ten brand new tracks from The System, recorded over three days. Contains all the energy of their earlier recordings and bang up to date lyrical content. With stunning artwork by digital artist Paul Trew.

  • Defiance And Resistance
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Apathetic
  • Killer Coppers
  • Consumerism
  • Every Day
  • We're Still Struggling
  • The Machine
  • Damaged
  • War And Money


"This is such a great record, I know I always mention Grow Your Own’s packaging, but this latest release is another example of how you can put out a quality product and not charge people silly money for it, and that a punk release is more than just the music. As for the music, The System offer up ten tracks of powerful, political, punk rock; hard hitting and driving, these veterans are showing that there is still a lot of life in them yet, as this is easily as good as anything they did first time around. Age certainly hasn’t mellowed them lyrically; they are scathing of the way the world is, and rightly so as there is a lot to be angry about these days. Full colour sleeve, lyrics sheet and poster, this is a tremendous release. Let’s hear it for The System, Grow Your Own, and DIY punk rock!" Tony, Suspect Device Fanzine.

The Fleas


Young Brighton band, The Fleas, deliver a nod to 1977 while affirming their own fresh and distinct take on their material on this 5 track 7" EP.  Tracks are:

  • Heartbreaker
  • Selling Out
  • Riot/Inside Out
  • Watts Your Problem
  • Nothing You Can Do


"Proving that they aren’t just interested in older bands, Grow Your Own release this great EP from young Brighton Band The Fleas. Five tracks of straight forward, energetic punk rock, packed with drive and enthusiasm that remind me of bands I love - Primetime, Hagar The Womb and, with the nice sax use on a couple of tracks, X-Ray Spex too. It has the feel of something from the late ‘70s, but the exuberance of this band makes it sound bang up to date. As ever, great packaging rounds off another wonderful GYO release." Suspect Device Fanzine.



Hagar the Womb

Hated (by The Daily Mail)

Hagar the Womb delve into the ska-punk arena, railing against everything the Daily Mail stands for while feeling joyous about being amongst the “Hated".



Fear/Surprise, Surprise

On Fear Anthrax experiment with a slower pace that reflects the more personal lyrics about the landscape of alienation and moments of despair. Surprise, Surprise is a more upbeat track with signature guitar riff and lyrics addressing the hypocrisy of Cameron's "all in this together" government.


A marriage of two veteran groups of the English anarcho-punk scene, both recently reformed.  Such reformations can ruffle the hair for several reasons, including that of the will to pay their electricity bills and ensuring early retirement, however it does not seem to me that this is the case for these two groups who were active in the UK in the early 80s. After splitting in the 80s and taking a break of decades, here are new songs on 7 inch vinyl. Anthrax delivers two quite heavy and dark songs but with the energy needed for a good anarcho-punk 80s recipe.  The lyrics are still very dark, on failure and unhappiness.  Hagar the Womb returns with what made their reputation in the 80s, a recognisable and catchy female voice over up-beat music that flirts with “commercial” punk, here, a strong ska beat.  Ska usually makes me vomit, but I am reconciled to it by this song.  Maybe punk rock energy gives it more oxygen, which the group does not lack, denouncing the politics of the Daily Mail and journalism.  The old still have resources. (Loose translation from French review).






  • Pagan Uprising
  • Brixton Tube
  • Wouldn't That Be Fine
  • Cowboys And Indians
  • Temples
  • Bridge Across Forever


"The great thing about the anarcho punk scene of the early ‘80s was not only that it played a part in politicising a generation of punks and fostered a DIY ethic and mindset that lead to thriving scenes all over the country, but also the musical diversity of the bands sheltering under its black umbrella. As well as the loud, angry shouting of bands like Crass and Conflict you also had more musical bands like Lost Cherrees, Zounds and Flowers In The Dustbin. FitD had a few releases out in the mid ‘80s on Motarhate and All The Madmen. and now they are back with this wonderful, red vinyl 10”EP. Six melodic, upbeat songs; sometimes they are reminiscent of Zounds, and with the re-recorded ‘Cowboys & Indians' theres even a hint of early Adam & The Ants. Once again Grow Your Own have put together a wonderful package, the colour vinyl record is housed in a brightly coloured sleeve which also contains an A5 booklet and you even get a badge too, what more do you need to know? It is also available on CD if you like that sort of thing. This is being played repeatedly tonight." Suspect Device Fanzine.


PAGAN UPRISING by Flowers in the Dustbin.

Featuring Gerard Evans, Steve Corr, Charles Loft, Gail Thibert and Sonny Tyler with spoken word intro by Johnny Delux.

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together 

20 Track Compilation CD


The first Grow Your Own sampler, available on CD only with A5 booklet. 20 tracks by:

  • Sanction This
  • Hagar The Womb
  • Anthrax
  • Terminal Heads
  • Burnt Cross
  • Virus
  • Andy T
  • Dogshite
  • Hysteria Ward
  • Flowers in the Dustbin
  • Feroxide
  • Surgery Without Research
  • Slug
  • Eslege
  • PedAgree Skum
  • The Commited
  • The System
  • Liberty
  • Contempt
  • Burning Flag

"This is one of the best punk compilations in recent years with hardly a dull song amongst its twenty strong track listing. Highlights include Surprise, Surprise by Anthrax, the intensely bleak Refugee Of War by Burnt Cross, and Broken by the fast rising Burning Flag.  Elsewhere Sanction This and Surgery Without Research bring the anger whilst Dogshite and PedAgree Skum bring the catchy hooks and hummable choruses.  As with all Grown Your Own releases this has been assembled by hand with much love and attention to detail and comes with a 24 page fanzine full of lyrics and art from the bands, helping ensure the all important message isn't lost behind the feedback." Ian Glasper, Terroriser Magazine, Issue 272/July 2016.




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  • Sleeping Dogs
  • Monochrome Dream
  • One Last Drop
  • Happy
  • Grin
  • What Does It Matter
  • Running On Empty
  • Abracadabra
  • Welcome
  • Another
  • We Don't Sing
  • We Stood Alone Together
  • Hunger Pains


"This has been an album that many of us have been longing for. Being stuck in a shitty redneck town from the late 80’s to the early 90’s really limited my means of finding good music (mostly 3rd generation recordings from vinyl, etc). I had the opportunity to get my hands on the CRASS @ sides cassette and I played that damn thing till the ribbon stretched. The ANTHRAX track on that comp completely floored me (along with all the other bands), but needless to say, once I heard them, I was sold immediately.

These guys had a true spirit and dedication for @narcho-punk and it was felt in the music and lyrics which left a lasting impression that made me jump when I heard they were reforming. I can openly say that due to their influence, they carved a bit of my character today.

All for the Cause is ANTHRAX as pure and wholesome as they were back in the day and is even released on their own DIY label GROW YOUR OWN. They’ve never lost their edge to play what’s in their hearts and tell a story in their music that makes you so damn proud to be a part of the DIY punk community. It was them (and their comrades) that brought us together back then and it’s them now to continue that communal glue that binds us like minded folk.

This album has a gamut of music that is catchy, thoughtful and full of angst, and questions the very heart of our dark world. “Happy” is a great track that makes you want to sing along with a raised fist “Rise above the bedlam, take control…don’t let the powers that be, dilute your soul”. This album is great all around. The production is clean, thought out and meaningful. Given, this is about 30 years later from their younger days, so it’s not that quintessential “CRASS” style fuzz recordings (BTW, did everyone share the same guitar pedals back then for recording?), it’s the modern day and with modern production, but needless to say, their hearts have never left the punk playing field. An essential record to have. (Leffer) GROW YOUR OWN records."


One Last Drop/Welcome 


CD single featuring two new tracks from the One Last Drop album.



12" vinyl LP. Studio quality live recording, multi-tracked through the desk at the Red Lion, Gravesend, December 2014.  11 tracks with 3 bonus tracks on download.

  • Thought Control
  • Their Decisions
  • Consumerism
  • Their Corrupting Ways
  • Born To Lose
  • Dogs Of War
  • Repetition
  • Let's Be Free
  • Prisoner of Conscience
  • War And Money
  • Identity
  • SAS
  • In The System
  • Nervous Breakdown




4 track 7" split single EP featuring: 

  • Dirty Bomb by Anthrax
  • Futility Of The Human Condition by PedAgree Skum
  • Fuck Ya Rude Boy by Dogshite
  • W.M.D. by Slug


"Second release on Anthrax’s own label, and it’s another quality record. Anthrax open things up with a song that sees them venture into unfamiliar territory; while the chorus has that Anthrax sound we are all familiar with, the verses sound more like Culture Shock. It took me by surprise initially, but it works a treat, and with lyrics detailing the lies and propaganda we are fed every day, it’s an easy song to get into. Pedegree Skum’s “Futitlity Of The Human Condition” is a more straight ahead punk rocker, and I think the title lets you know what sort of subject matter they cover; it has the right amount of anger and driving punk to lodge it in your brain. Dog Shite isn’t a great name for a band, especially one that has such good lyrics and an interesting sound. I’d hate them to be dismissed just because of their name because their ska inspired, groove laden song has outspoken, feminist lyrics which really get their point across; it’s as catchy as it is angry and was the song that grabbed me on first playing. Slug round things off with an Anthrax like angry, anarcho punk song called “Weapons Of Mass Destruction”. Four great songs, nice packaging and another great release proving that DIY doesn’t have to mean substandard." Tony, Suspect Device Fanzine.



The first split single from Grow Your Own, this 7" EP features:

  • Consumerism by The System
  • Futile by Virus 
  • Four Walls by Bug Central
  • pop up cover





An 18 track retrospective album, CD and download of recorded and live material, including:

  • All The Wars
  • Capitalism Is Cannibalism
  • Introduction To War
  • Exploitation
  • They've Got It All Wrong
  • PPB
  • Vivisection
  • Violence Is Violence
  • What Will Tomorrow Bring
  • Prime To Pension - All Things Bright And Beautiful
  • It Will Be Alright On The Night

Tracks 1-8: taken from the 1st and 2nd demo.
Tracks 9-12: originally released on the Small Wonder Records 7" "They've Got It All Wrong".
Tracks 13-15: originally released on the Crass Records 7" "Capitalism Is Cannibalism".
Track 16: originally released on the Mortarhate Records compilation "Who? What? Why? When? Where?".
Tracks 17-18: previously unreleased live tacks

"Finally - a collection of the finest of the early 80's anarcho bands. All the (rather incredible) artwork is reproduced, along with some lyrics. But, tragically, there's no liner notes. Regardless, it's great to have this material out again and available. Hailing from London, Anthrax, along with Conflict (and Crass, of course), pioneered that angry, tuneful, semi-shouty, London-accented vocal style, coupled with a fast, melodic punk attack. Musically this is very similar to early (pre-thrash/feedback Conflict). Really quite wonderful they were. And definitely the Anthrax of choice. 18 tracks of pure genius." MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL